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For The Analogue Incompetent- DIGITAL DOWNLOADS! - November 1, 2013

And yes! Oh,yes! We will surely gouge your browsers for the privilege of downloading the new record in the format of your choice. Check it out... The Nasalrod/Swampbuck bandcamp page is here:

Tomorrow - Nasalrod / Swampbuck 7" release! - October 31, 2013

 photo 144ac4e6-5c06-4128-b05c-ce4ebf138d36_zps553c9cd7.jpg

See you at The Know tomorrow!

Oh and we just might have posted the 7" for sale on our product page a day early, just in case you overdose on candy tonight and are forced to stay home until your heart rate returns to normal... (Neither of these bands are for the faint of heart after all;)

Nasalrod video! - September 24, 2013

See what happens when Shannon and I hang out? Even if it's in Central Washington? Get shit done! So we posted a clip of NASALROD at Slim's in beautiful St. John's, North Portland back in August. See the VIDEOS section. As I recall, Shannon was invited to join me for this FREE show, but declined stating, "Ha. I don't think danava would ever play the know. I can't tomorrow.. going to a hip hop show. Next time!" I'm making up for years of public chiding here. I may only have this option once. Enjoy the clip!


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