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Poison Apple Records: News

For The Analogue Incompetent- DIGITAL DOWNLOADS! - November 1, 2013

And yes! Oh,yes! We will surely gouge your browsers for the privilege of downloading the new record in the format of your choice. Check it out... The Nasalrod/Swampbuck bandcamp page is here:

Tomorrow - Nasalrod / Swampbuck 7" release! - October 31, 2013

 photo 144ac4e6-5c06-4128-b05c-ce4ebf138d36_zps553c9cd7.jpg

See you at The Know tomorrow!

Oh and we just might have posted the 7" for sale on our product page a day early, just in case you overdose on candy tonight and are forced to stay home until your heart rate returns to normal... (Neither of these bands are for the faint of heart after all;)

Nasalrod video! - September 24, 2013

See what happens when Shannon and I hang out? Even if it's in Central Washington? Get shit done! So we posted a clip of NASALROD at Slim's in beautiful St. John's, North Portland back in August. See the VIDEOS section. As I recall, Shannon was invited to join me for this FREE show, but declined stating, "Ha. I don't think danava would ever play the know. I can't tomorrow.. going to a hip hop show. Next time!" I'm making up for years of public chiding here. I may only have this option once. Enjoy the clip!


C Average playing Seth's birthday show at The Know - September 10, 2013

Whoa.. it's really been a year since we posted anything on here?! Crazy. But we've been busy. Well, Seth has been busy...

Our fourth release is due out NOVEMBER 1st! - a split 7" with Nasalrod and Swamp Buck. The tracks sound great and the art is the best yet. Although I'm itching to post a glimpse of it (unicorns! skulls! bunnies!) I'll force myself to hold off until we go on our vision quest to Yakima in a couple weeks. (aka Shannon has to make an obligatory 6 hour greyhound trip to see family and Seth begrudgingly agreed to go along, because there will be dogs. and free whiskey). In other words, we'll have LOTS of time to update the shit out of this website, play with dogs, and try not to kill each other.

In the meantime... Someone posted a great video of C Average playing Seth's last birthday on the old you tube. Seth really does know how to throw his own party at a bar he doesn't work at anymore... Check it out!


Seth + booking = not sitting in a tree. - August 4, 2012

August 4, 2012

Dear diary,

Seth's finally throwing in the towel on booking. Cause omg booking sucks. Ok? Like, for reals. We'll leave it for the kids, and if that intern ever comes back from getting the extra hot non fat no foam half caf latte seth sent her for last week, we think she's probably a real shoe-in.

Anyhow.. it's sort of a "going away" shin dig. As in "going to let my ass expand finally across the stool at the mock crest".

I love that he doesn't know how to edit these.

Agent 99's Last Stand is:

Old Junior
Ex Girlfriend's Club
Merrick Foundation

Foggy Notion - backup vocals
Scott Smith - backup dancing
Miss Hannon - cowbell

Outdoors action,
great view of lombard,
deep fried cheese ballz,
questionable ski ball with no prizes (shut up, it builds character).

10pm til ... well, let's just put it this way - Seth'll probably need a ride home.

Holy shit! - May 2, 2012

The Atrocity Exhibition 7" is on Robert Collins top ten list for May in Maximum RocknRoll! Seth didn't even blow him - we swear!

The next 20 copies sold through the website will come with a free copy of our Fantasy Quest 7" featuring Purple Rhinestone Eagle, Northern Swords and Forsorcerers..!

April 21st! Our next Poison Apple show... - March 31, 2012

Agent99 made this pretty flier.


Foggy Notion is really nice. Especially the bathroom. Not kidding. Come hang out on Lombard with us. Pick up the Atrocity Exhibition 7"! Check out Morgan(from Purple Rhinestone Eagle)'s new band, The Mishaps! Eat fried cheese ballz! Drink shots! Make memories to last a lifetime... and promptly lose them!

Shannon's djing after, and she'll probably play hip hop cause she's got the itch... + all of her seven inches if nagged sufficiently by Seth. Fun for the whole fam. BOOM.

Out now...! - November 13, 2011


Atrocity Exhibition 7"Photobucket

Release date: December 21, 2011

Pre-order now available on the shopping page.

Poison Apple presents - Monday 10/17 at The Know - October 14, 2011


With special guest Sean Croghan!

Poison Apple presents - Mon. 8/29 - August 26, 2011

Poison Apple Records presents:


Service industry shows at The Know! 2026 NE Alberta.
There is a $2-5 suggested donation for the theater (this goes to the bands) there is no cover to enter the bar.
System and Station, Wax Edison and Airwar - show starts at 9pm!
Djing from 11pm-2am (no cover) - Agent99 (seth) & circe (shannon) playing all 7" records.

All up in this bitch... - November 27, 2010

...that they call the world-wide-web.

Hey! We're on SoundCloud now. You can download and listen to episodes of All 7"s through our SoundCloud page.

And we bit the bullet and are on twitter. As soon as Seth figures out how to use it things will probably get ridiculous. But give him a few months. Technology still scares him.!/PoisonAppleRecs

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