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Nasalrod / Swampbuck 7" split - PA004

Limited edition of 300

 photo baca9b13-2723-4a63-87ac-5ea58b4699ea_zps74805a4c.jpg

Nasalrod "It's Our Pleasure"

Swampbuck "First Testament"

Release date November 1, 2013

Atrocity Exhibition 7" - PA003

Limited edition of 500

 photo atrocity_face-1.jpg

Black vinyl with hand stamped jackets.

Side a: "Shadows Walk Ahead"

Side b: "Entropy"


The Prids / Lookbook 7" split - PA002

Limited edition of 500

Clear vinyl with blood splatter 7" split

The Prids - "Break"

Lookbook - "Until I Don't Hear A Sound"

Fantasy Quest 7" - PA001

Limited edition of 350

Black and white haze vinyl 7" split

Purple Rhinestone Eagle - "Don't Want You (Like You Want Me)"

Northern Swords - "Huckleberry Egg and The Diamond Jewel"

Forsorcerers - "Timekeepers"